07 January 2011

Secret Amanah

The word trust a root with the word faith, safe. In surah Al-Mu'minun: 8 God says that among the characteristics of Paradise is to maintain trust. Ustadz Quthub Sayid explains in his commentary, the purpose of the trust in the verse is the mandate of faith. From here we get a few lessons:
First, that maintaining trust is part of faith. It called into question one's faith is often treacherous act, did not carry out the mandate as it should. Because of that Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, explained that the human traits between hypocrites are: "If talking is lying, if violated, and if credible promise betrayed." From this it appears that the issue of trust-any name-: position, wealth, children etc. , it will certainly be justified in the sight of Allah swt.
That's what makes Omar bin Khaththab uneasy sleep when the mandate given to her leadership. Omar was always crying, even if all its people have enjoyed the fruits of justice that he straighten. Crying out of fear that later in the day of Judgement discovered that there is a horse that slipped fell due to a hole in the road that he has not been fixed. Umar felt that they must turn to God to account. Awareness like this is supposed to be owned by every leader of the mandate so he endured.
Remember that people choose to be disejahterakan, not contrived increasingly suffer. So every suffering of the people later in the day of Judgement will certainly dipikulkan by God to the leader.
Second, that in order to carry out the mandate honestly needed a strong faith. Faith that God saw everything that he does, then he carefully for fear of Him. Faith that the world is not everything, but will be destroyed and will be replaced with natural Hereafter. That's where every man will stand trial before God is All-Knowing, then he earnestly carry out the mandate it. If a person really believe in the meaning of this mandate, there is no trust that was betrayed.
It has been proven in history, that the destruction of a country and humanity are stranded kerana moral rottenness of its leaders in maintaining the trust. Remember that all facilities to meet human needs in a balanced way God has provided. There's no way God mendzalimi His creatures. So if it found gaps here and there it was inevitable because of the kedzaliman that done by the man himself.
True, this world does not need a lot of grandeur and human expertise. The world is God fill all amenities. For years people have been living on earth. And proved that God does provide all human needs. Based on this, this world is actually only need one word: "fairness" (keep the trust). If this quality is lost from human behavior, not in hope keseimabangan life will go well, regardless of expertise and excellence achieved by human technology.
Third, the trust said synonymous with the word safe. This suggests that maintaining the trust and run it well is synonymous with providing security to humanity. In contrast to betray the trust is synonymous with spreading anxiety for humanity.
If a householder does not mandate the household must be residents will not get a sense of security. His wife and children would be tercekan anxiety of all time. More broadly, if a village leader is not trustworthy, definitely the whole village will feel miserable. Larger, if a district or provincial leaders are not trustworthy, it can be ascertained that all the people in the district or the province would stagger, fall in the abyss of infinity. Then imagine what would happen to a country when the leaders of the country and the whole range of kebinetnya not trustworthy? And Allaah knows best bishshawab.

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