28 April 2011

Positive thinking towards Allah...

Bismillahirrohmanirrohim ..

We need to convince ourselves that God always focuses on the nature of His love

although we do not feel it directly. Because not all the things we do not like having a devastating effect

ourselves, maybe in the future trials that bring good luck. Conversely, not all cases are easy, and fun is good for us. Sometimes the mains and delicious sugar harmful to the body, but bitter medicine even beneficial.

Convinced that all happened is that the best assessment of the Almighty God's love and love will create soul becomes peaceful. Without thinking so we will become victims of our own soul. The best medicine for the disease is to think that we will be healed with love of God.

"Say:" Certainly not going to befall us but what has been established by God for us. He was the protector camp, and unto God those who believe must put their trust. "(Sura: At-Tauba: 51)

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