03 May 2011


Faith in the Day of Resurrection is an essential element of faith in Islam. Without faith in the Day of Judgement, one's faith will not be accepted. As is not acceptable if it does not believe in Allah, the angels of God, the books of His book, his apostles, and qadha qadar dariNya.Allah Subhannahu wa Ta'ala says: "... Those who disbelieve in Allah, angels, angels, the books of His book , his apostles, and the Last Day (of Resurrection), then surely that person has gone astray as far as possible. "(An-Nisaa ': 136).

Certainty about the Day of Resurrection Allah asserted itself in the word-word, among them: "Those who disbelieve say that occasionally they will not be resurrected. Say: Not so, for the sake of my Lord, truly you will be resurrected, then what will be preached unto you that ye did. That is easy for Allah. "(At-Taghabun 64:7).

Subhannahu Allah wa ta'ala said, too, which means:

 "... And gives a warning (again) about the day together (when) there is no doubt. A section of a party to go to heaven and hell. "(As-Shura 42:7) And the word of God Subhannahu wa Ta'ala, which means:" And if the words have fallen upon them, we remove a type of creeping things of the earth who will say to them, that humans actually were not sure the revelations of Us. "(An-Naml 27:82).

God's Word Subhannahu wa Ta'ala, which means:"Until, when opened (wall) Gog and Ma'juj, and they go down quickly from the high ground. And has dekatlah coming true promise (Day of Resurrection), then all of a sudden terbelalaklah the eyes of those who disbelieve. "(Al-Anbiyaa ': 96-97).

God's Word Subhannahu wa Ta'ala, which means:

 "And when the trumpet is blown once inflatable, and the earth is moved and the mountains and then dibenturkan once they collide. So on the day it came to pass Judgement, and split the sky, because on that day the sky became weak. And the angels are in the sky over the-corners. And on that day eight angels uphold the Throne of your Lord above (head of) them. On that day you are confronted (the Lord), not doin anything from a hidden (to Allah). As for those who granted him his book from his right, so she said: Take, read kitabmu (this). Indeed I am convinced that I would actually meet reckoning (calculation) against me. Then that person is in a blessed life, in high heaven. Fruits closer, (to be said): Eat and drink with a delicious caused a charity that ye did in the days that have past. The person who granted him his book in his left hand, then he said: O would be nice if not given me my book (this). And I do not know what to my reckoning. O that death would solve everything. My treasure never benefit me. Having lost power from me. (He said): Take him then belenggulah his hand to his neck. And then insert him into the fire of hell fire. Then belitlah him with a chain seventy cubits long. Indeed he did not previously believe in Allah the Most Great. And also he does not encourage (others) to feed the poor. "(Al-Haaqqah 69:13-34).

There are many other verses in the Qur'an which affirm the Day of Resurrection.

As for the signs of apocalypse, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam explained by several haditsnya. Among them:

"Behold apocalypse will not happen before the ten signs of doom, which sank in the East, sank in the west, sank in the Arabian Peninsula, the presence of smoke, coming of the Antichrist, Dabbah (large reptiles), Gog and Ma'juj , the rising sun from the west, out the fire from the tip of Aden which leads human beings, and the decline of the Prophet Jesus. "(Hadith Muslim History.)


Explanation of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam in his saying to another:

"Dajjal will come to my people and lived for 40 years, and then God sent Jesus son of Mary, then he is looking for the Antichrist and destroy. Then for 70 years to live safe and peaceful man, there's no animosity between anyone. After that God the cold wind blew from the direction of the country Sham (now Syria, pen). So everyone who is in his heart there is virtue even of an atom, would meet his death. Even if if someone of you into the mountain, the wind would catch it and turn it off. Then the remaining bad guys live like wild beasts (FII khiffatit thoiri ahlaamis sibaa wa '), they do not know the goodness and do not deny kemungkaran. And the devil incarnate in them (men) and said: Would you grant? Man said: What would you tell us? Devil ordered them to worship idols, while they live in pleasure. Then the trumpet is blown. But one would not hear it unless the sharp hearing. And the people who first heard of a man who take care of his camel. The Prophet said: the death of all mankind. Then the rain came down like rain drizzle. Then the human body from there (from the grave-grave). Then the trumpet sounded again, then suddenly they stood waiting. And he said unto them, O people, come face to your Lord, and they are in Mahsyar because they will be required responsibilities. Then it is said unto them, Go ye as hell is brought up, then say it again: Of what? Then say again: Of every one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine persons. That was the situation on the day the child become gray and calf revealed on the day (the Day of Judgement that describes people who want to run very scared because of the turmoil of Resurrection). "(Hadith Muslim History.)


Word of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam when berkhutbah:

"O people, that ye will be gathered of God in a state of naked feet, naked, in a state of foreskin (not circumcised). Remember that people who initially were given clothes are Ibrahim AS. Remember that there will be among my people who are seated on the left. When I say: O Lord, (they are) my best friend. Then God says: You do not know what they do after your (death). "(Muslim).



Regarding the accountability act, the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam said:

"On the Day of Judgement, every servant will not move before asked four things of life to what he spent, his knowledge to what he resume practicing, he gained his wealth from where and for what he spent, and (health) body to what he used. "(Reported by Tirmidhi, hasan saheeh hadeeth, and this text according to the report narrated by Muslim).

About the enormity of the apocalypse to the human condition can not remember the others, as for the explanation:

"From Aisha, that she remembered Hell then cry, then the Messenger of Allah` asked: What makes you cry? Aisha said: I thought of Hell, until I cried. What is the Day of Resurrection you will remember in your family? Answer the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam: As in three places, people do not remember the others, when weighed his credit before he knows the severity of his good deeds. When the books were flying to his credit record before he knows where hinggapnya book, on the right, left, or behind. And when pursuing a catwalk / bridge (shirath) that lie at the back of the Fire before him through it. "(Abu Daud, hasan hadeeth).


That's the doomsday events that we believe are required along with the signs. Overall it is a supernatural, God alone knows, and the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallammengkhabarkan it from God's revelation. So the things that do not comply with the explanation of God and His Apostle we must reject, although coming from people who claim to intellectual, an expert, nor claim to have investigated many years with so-called scientific methods and sophisticated. Conversely, if it comes from God and His Apostle, then shall we believe in it. And believe in the Day of Judgement is a staple in dalamIslam halyangtermasuk as mentioned above. Deny means that damaged his faith.


Protect and peliharakanlah us, both our father and mother, wife / husband we, our children, our family & all the Muslims from the doom of hell fire torment GOD YES.
Surely we do not deserve to occupy syurgaMu YES GOD, but also not able to go to hell our GOD YES.
Forgive us our sins, accept our repentance and accept all our worship and practice with grace YES ....... GOD AAMIIN .....

From the Hadith Qudsi:
How can you still be doing immoral while you can not survive with my hot hot sun.

Did you know that free is my hell:
1. Hell of Jahannam, it has 7 levels
2. Each level has a local 70.000
3. Each area has a village 70.000
4. Each village has a house 70.000
5. Every house has a booth 70.000
6. Each room has a box 70.000
7. Each box has a main stem zarqum 70.000
8. Under each subject zarqum have snakes 70.000
9. In the mouth every 70 feet long snake venom contain adequate pitch-black ocean.
10. Also at the bottom of each principal has a 70.000 zarqum chain
11. Each chain was dragged by the angels 70.000

IN other sights Jahannam

A. In Jahannam there is a volcano that God commands Shu'uda unbelievers (Al-Walid bin Mugheerah) to climb. (See QS. Al-Muddatstsir: 17). According to Imam Ahmad's history, every time he put his hand on top of the mountain, the hands immediately melted. And when it was reinstated as before. He will spend time during the 70 years to climb, and down them for 70 years as well.

B. In the valley there are also Jahannam Al-Ghayy, the valley at the base of which flowed Jahannam pus mixed with blood from the inhabitants of hell. The valley is provided by God to those who underestimate the prayers and follow syahwatnya. (See QS. Maryam: 59).

C. Also Atsam valley containing snakes and scorpions, adzab in it many times over. This valley is for those who do shirk, adultery and murder people without rights. (See QS. Al-Furqan: 68).

D. There is also a valley that contains pus Maubiqa in the Fire. God set it up to the pagans. (See QS. Al-Kahf: 51-52).

E. There is also a house called Al-Falaq, Ibn Rajab said that if the door is opened, the entire population of hell will scream for not able to withstand the heat. And Allaah knows best.

F. In Jahannam Bulas prison where there are also people who brag will be herded like small ants in human form, they were enveloped by flames and sank in the sweat and blood mixed with pus which the inhabitants of Hell. (Narrated by Ahmad, hasan).

G. Jahannam shackles. Inside there are three chains Jahannam; Al-Aghlal, the shackles of iron that is placed dileher residents burning hell. (QS.Saba: 33), Al-Ashfad, that is a very strong rope of fire that makes a person helpless. (QS.Ibrahim: 49) and As-Salasil, namely iron chains 70 cubits in length. (Surat al-Haqqah: 32).

H. Jahannam whip. He said: "And for their whip-whip of iron." (Surat al-Hajj: 21).


Allah described the character of the guardian angels of hell, they are being very harsh and rude.

He said: "O ye who believe, guard yourselves and your families from hell fire fuel is men and stones; guardian angels are rough, tough, who do not disobey Allah in what He commanded them and always doing what he was told. "(Surat At-Tahrim: 6).


A. Tree Zaqqum, mayangnya like devil's head, growing under the foundation Jahim hell, any who eat them, then the intestines will be spilled. (Surah Ash-Shaffat: 62-68).

B. Tree Dhari, the thorn tree is very hard, can not fattening and does not eliminate hunger, because he clogged the throat, do not go out and do not also get into the stomach, according to Ibn Abbas. (Surat al-Ghasiyah: 6).

C. Ghislin, ie pus mixed with blood coming out of the body of the inhabitants of Hell. (Surat al-Haqqah: 35-37).

D. Al-Hamim, ie very hot water that will be served with a hot iron tip is bent. (Surat An-naba ': 24-25).

E. Al-Ghassaq, water is very cold. According to Ibn 'Umar that he is thick pus if setetesnya shed in the western world, the eastern population would undoubtedly a very foul smell.

F. Ash-Shadid, (Surah Ibrahim: 16), namely water pus mixed with blood. Ibn Rajab said, shadid water will make their faces blackened, and make the entire scalp and hair flaking.


Jahannam has 7 doors each door has been determined group who will enter it.

He said: "And verily Jahannam it's really a place that has been promised to them (the followers of Satan) everything. Jahannam it has seven doors. Each door (set) for a certain class of them. "(Surat al-Hijr: 43-44).

Ibn Juraij say about this verse: "The first is Jahannam, then hell Ladza, Huthamah hell, hell Sa'ir, hell Saqar, Jahim and Hawiyah".

Fire doors were closed, as the word of God:

"Behold the fire was closed tightly over them." (Surat Al-Humazah: 8).

"They were in a closed meeting in hell." (Surah Al-Balad: 20).

Ibn Rajab said: "The doors of hell will always be closed before it entered by the residents later in the day of Judgement. This is as mentioned in the Qur'an: "And those who disbelieve taken to berombong Fire-entourage. So when they get to hell dibukakanlah doors. "(Surah Az-Zumar: 71).

Echoes of Sound indignation HELL

Unbelievers can hear the roar of voices filled with indignation hell of a long distance.

He said: "If hell had seen them from afar, they hear voices kegeramannya and flame." (Surat al-Furqan: 11).

Also his words: "If they are cast into it they heard a terrible hell, hell it was bubbling, almost (hell) was split because of anger." (Surat Al-Mulk: 7).

Ka'ab once said to 'Umar bin Khaththab: "By Allah, Hell Jahannam will issue an echo of his voice. There is no one close to God, angels or other beings unless it can fall on both knees, saying: "O Allah, on this day let man take care of his own."


Prophet said: "The fire you are now the sons of Adam who used to burn only 1 / 70 of a fire the Fire." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

Ibn Rajab quoted the opinion of the Omar bin Ka'ab Khaththab: "If the Fire is opened in the earth-sized bull nose to the east, and there is someone in the western hemisphere, must have his brain will melt because it is not able to withstand the heat."

Among the causes of air and the heat of hell in such a peak is not functioning 3 elements of the hot coolant to humans, namely water, wind and shade for shelter.
Water in Jahannam is Hamim (the bubbling hot water), wind is samum (wind is very hot), medium shade is yahmum (shade of pieces of black smoke which is also hot). (See QS. Al-Waqi'ah: 41-44).


The inhabitants of hell to feel jealous of what God has given to the inhabitants of heaven in the form of food and drink which is very delicious, they whine among residents heaven if one wants to give a little to them. Among the residents there who feel sorry for heaven, to almost give it. But God forbid manakan and drink it for the people of hell. (See QS. Al-A'raf: 44-50).


He said: "O ye who believe, guard yourselves and your families from hell fire fuel is men and stones;" (Surat At-Tahrim: 6).

Some mufassir said that the stone is a stone lighter or sulfur, some say the stone idols of the idolaters who once worshiped, they become the fuel of hell as an insult to their god, so did the penyembahnya. (See QS. Al-Anbiya ': 98-99).


A. Facial defects and burn them. (Surat al-Mukminun: 104).
B. Each mature because their skin burned, then Allah will replace the new skin, so on. (Surah An-Nisa ': 56).
C. Charred blackened faces, because their heads will be pinned crown fire.
D. Population hell will issue a very foul odor from their bodies.


A. Clothing from Qathiran made of copper that is melted. (Surah Ibrahim: 49-50).
B. Mats and blankets fire (Mihad and Ghawasy). (Surat al-A'raf: 41).


Depth as that depicted the Prophet in Muslim narrated from Abu Hurairah:

"One day we were together Prophet. Then we heard the sound of falling bodies, then the Messenger of Allah said: "Do you know that sound was?" We replied: "Allah and His Messenger know best." Prophet said: "That is the sound of rock that is sent from the Fire since 70 years ago. And now a new way to the bottom of hell. "

AREA Jahannam

To know the area and magnitude Jahannam, can be imagined if it has 70,000 Jahannam bridle reins and each is held by 70,000 angels (Saheeh al-Jami '7878). Also, by knowing the size of the body of the inhabitants, who molar gunug of Uhud, the distance between the two shoulders together with 3-day trip, his seat as far as Mecca and Medina, even if a resident of hell cried, the tears dripping to make a boat sailing on it .


A. As light-is bearable for someone wearing sandals of fire, thus causing his brain to boil. (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

B. Their heads will be doused with hot water so that melted their brains, as well as the contents of their stomachs and skin. (Surat al-Hajj: 19-21).

C. Their faces will be dragged over the coals of fire, also turned upside down like grilled meat. (Surat al-Ahzab: 66).

D. His face was covered with pieces will be discolored as the pitch-black night. (Surah Yunus: 27)
E. Besieged fire from all directions. (Surat al-Ankabut: 55 and Az-Zumar: 16).

F. Fire burning up the inhabitants of Hell, so from their hearts out the fire.

G. Human stomach contents will be spilled (overwrite the Amr bin Luhay, the person who first changed the monotheistic teachings of the prophet Abraham to the worship of idols).

H. Falls from above hell, to those who commit suicide by dropping him from a high place.

I. It never die forever. (Surah Ibrahim: 17).
J. Torment never stops. (Surat al-Mukmin: 49-50).

Screams, moans and howls POPULATION HELL

Among the horrors of hell, people moan and scream and howl like a donkey brayed loudly, that is because so perceived pain of punishment. (See QS. Al-Anbiya ': 100, Hud: 106 and Fathir: 37).

Population hell will weep until their eyes water up, so that comes out of his eyes are blood, blood yes, not water again!

They were moaning and begging can be issued from the agony of hell, they promised to do good deeds if it returned the world. But their hope is false hope and prayer is a vain prayer. The angel said: "Surely you will stay in this hell." (Surah Az-Zukhruf: 77).


From the Qur'an and Sunnah that authentically concluded that the inhabitants of hell are the people who polytheists, disbelievers, hypocrites, arrogant people, people who do not deny Taghout (god that is worshiped but Allah) and despotic leaders, the adulterer and the homosexual , drinkers khamer (liquor), eater of usury (such as bank interest), gambling money (such as toggle, Siji, Insurance etc.) and the orphan's property without right, without the right of believers killer, committing suicide, people who do not want jihad and do not want to help the Muslims who are oppressed and fought, those who leave the prayer, zakat, and shaum (fasting), the dayyuts (people who allow immoral acts occurred in front of him) and those who rebel against his parents, etc.. And Allaah knows best.


In explaining the word of God: "We add to their torment over the torment because they always do damage." (Surah An-Nahl: 88).

Ibn Mas'ud said: "That is the scorpion that its fangs as long palm tree."

Imam As-Sudi said that he is the snakes in hell. History of snakes and scorpions in the marfoo hell no 'to the Messenger of Allah, most mauquf on friends and some from Israel.

More Light From Hell Bridge Hair More Sharply From Swords

One of the terrible events that will be experienced by anyone who has oath creed of Tawheed is the necessity to cross a bridge that stretched over the back of the Fire. He not only experienced by the Islamic ummah ummah of Prophet Muhammad shollallahu 'alaih wa sallam, but all the believers of the ummah of the Prophet before, they must experience it. This event will be experienced by all believers, both those whose faith is genuine and who do a lot of immoral, including the hypocrites. According to some commentators events across the bridge over hell God has hinted at in Al-Qur'anul Karim.

"And no one from you, but it went to hell. It is for thy Lord is a necessity that has been set. Then We will rescue those who fear Allah and let people who do wrong in the hell in the state of his knees. "(Surah Maryam verse 71)

The purpose of the word "go" is passed over the Hell Jahannam by crossing the bridge. All the faithful, however the quality of his faith-must experience it. Only God can guarantee safety for those whose faith is genuine (pious men). And as for those whose faith is problematic (those who do wrong / the hypocrites) will fall into Hell Jahannam slip through it now.

In a hadith of the Prophet even in greater detail shollallahu 'alaih wa sallam described the state of the bridge in question. The bridge is thinner than a hair and sharper than a sword. Haula wa laa laa quwwata billah illa ...! How difficult for us to walk across the top. But Allah is Mighty, Wise at the same time. God will provide lunch for those whose faith is true to be able to pass on the bridge. Here's picture of the Prophet shollallahu 'alaih wa sallam about kejiadian-bridge with the accompanying events:

"And Hell Jahannam it has a bridge that is thinner than hair and sharper than the sword. On it was an iron-iron spikes berpengait and anyone who takes the will of God. And the man on the bridge that there is a (pass) like a blink of the eye, there are like lightning and there is like the wind, nothing like a horse who runs fast and there are like a camel walk. And the angels said: "O Allah, save. Save. "Then there are the survivors, there are torn apart and then saved and there also is rolled up in hell over his face." (Reported by Ahmad 23 649)

So, according to the above hadith there are those who would cross it safely and there are crossed safely but had suffered injuries due to exposure sabetan thorns that ripped his body. Then there were those who failed to cross it until the end. They slipped, skidded and fell, so fell with his face into a fiery hell below the bridge. Na'udzubillahi min dzaalika ...!
So how someone can cross it safely? Prophet shollallahu 'alaih wa sallam explained that when stressful events were taking place of the Prophet and the angels busy praying for salvation for believers. They pray: "Rabbi sallim. Rabbi sallim. (Yes, Lord, save. Yes, Lord, save). "Then God will provide light for everyone.

Whether they are true believers, many of those who commit sin, nor the equally hypocritical to get it. But when you're crossing the bridge the people whose faith is gold will continue to be accompanied and illuminated by the light to survive to the end of the crossing. While the hypocrites only until half way across the bridge suddenly pull out the light that was God enlighten them so that they are in darkness and then terjatuhlah shirath them from the bridge into the fiery flames of Hell Jahannam. Na'udzubillahi min dzaalika ...!


"God will call the human race in the next with their existing names of his curtain barrier. Meanwhile on the bridge of God gives light to every believer and the hypocrites. If they had been at the center of the bridge, the God-light was soon seized those hypocrites. They call the believers: "Wait for us so that we can take some of your light." (Surat al-Hadid verse 13) And the believers should pray: "O our Rabb, Perfect our light for us." (Sura At-Tahrim paragraph 8) When that's all people will not remember the others. "(HR Thabrani 11 079)


My brother, really incredibly exciting. Is worth when the Prophet shollallahu 'alaih wa sallam said that when incidents cross the bridge over Hell Jahannam ongoing everyone will not remember the other person. Because everyone was busy thinking about their safety.

O God, cleanse our hearts from hypocrisy, and 'our deeds of charity and oral riya us from lies and our eyes from treasonous. Thou art omniscient treacherous eyes and what is hidden heart.


Based on the Hadith by Bukhari and Muslim history, the Messenger of Allaah upon yours respectfully said, "I looked into Paradise and I saw most of the inhabitants are fuqara (poor people) and I looked into hell then I watched most of the inhabitants are women."
The question arises in our mind, what causes most women to be a resident of hell? In a story when the Messenger of Allaah upon yours respectfully and his companions do the eclipse prayer, the Messenger of Allaah upon yours respectfully see Heaven and Hell.

When he saw hell he said to his companions radi 'anhum, "... and I see hell so I've never seen scenery like this at all, I see most of the inhabitants are women. Companions asked, "Why would (be) O Messenger of Allah?" He Shalallahu 'alaihi yours respectfully replied, "Because of their kufr." And then asked again, "Are their disbelief in God?" He replied, "They Kufr against their husbands, Kufr against goodness-kindness. Even if you do good to any one of them for a long time then he sees something in you (which she did not like), surely he would say, 'I have never seen the slightest good to yourself.' "(Narrated by Bukhari from Ibn Abbas radliyallahu 'anhuma)


In another hadith, the Messenger of Allaah upon yours respectfully explain the female population of hell, he said, "... and the women who dressed but essentially they were naked, their heads melenggak-lenggokkan for pride and turn away from obedience to God and her husband, their heads as if -would like hump camel. They did not get to Heaven and do not get the fragrance of Heaven but the fragrance can be found from the distance of travel so and so. "(Narrated by Muslim and Ahmad from Abu Hurayrah radliyallahu 'anhu)


For the Muslim woman or generally when read or heard the hadith-hadith above the torn up blood and could not accept fully. Minimal will berhujjah that women can do so because there are causes, not all of a sudden want to apply this. Anyone if asked, of course, no one wanted to go to hell let alone claimed will go to hell. Naudzubillah mindzalik!

Indeed, household bahterah sail is not as easy as imagined. A muslimah exactly a wife, not only have to equip themselves with sufficient religious knowledge but also absolutely necessary mental steel and good management in managing the waves of life and all the knick knacks that accompany it. When housekeeping never ending, fussy children and the physical condition is not fit, then the husband comes home from work would have served no matter what our conditions, usually, in these conditions are not many women are still able to control his temper. Human right? Not necessarily! It is precisely in situations like these that our faith and patience will be tested. Are we still can get nice words as well as full-color face with a smile sincerity? Difficult indeed! But difficult does not mean it can not!
If we carefully examine the above hadiths, then will we find some reasons why a woman could become a minority population in heaven, among them:

Kufr against the good husband. A phenomenon that often we have seen, a wife who deny the merits of her husband in a long time just because one thing that does not comply with her wishes. Whereas a wife should always be grateful to what is given him, because Allah SWT will not see a wife who like this as explained Messenger of Allaah upon yours respectfully, "God will not look to women who do not appreciate what is on her husband and not feel enough with it. "(Narrated by al-Kubra Nasa'i inside of Abdullah bin 'Amr).

disobedience against the husband. Disobedience is often performed a wife is rebellious in word and deed. Being insubordinate in greeting them when a wife talk about her husband's evils to friends or family for no reason which is justified by syar'i. While the ungodly in such actions to be rude or show a sour face when the call husband, did not want to serve her husband for reasons that are not syar'i, or to go outside the house without the permission of her husband, betrays her husband and his property, opening and revealing what should be covered of the limbs, or otherwise reluctant to dress up and beautify herself for her husband when her husband wants it to.

If that is the situation then was lost the women who Kufr and rebellious against her husband. They prefer the road to hell rather than heaven because they follow mere lust.
The road to heaven is not decorated with beautiful flowers, but through heavy obstacles and steep. But remember at the end of this road God promises heaven to those who wait to take it.
Meanwhile, the road to hell is full of seductive beauty and every man is attracted to it by you. However, be aware that at the end of this road, hell has been welcomed with a variety of punishment.
Then, how can I make the women or the wives do not fall into hell?

Do not be pessimistic, there are many ways and it's never too late to improve ourselves if we want to be a minority population in heaven.
Still remember, when the prophet said in a saheeh hadith jami ',' Women's 5 times when prayer, fasting in the month of Ramadan, maintaining his honor and obey her husband, then he entered the gates of heaven where all he wanted. "
Referring to the hadith above, let us pray to the more enforcing race khusu ', memperbayak sunna prayer-prayer because prayer is right and khusu' can shield ourselves from the evil deeds. In addition to fasting / shaum mandatory in romadhon, train yourself to get used to doing shaum sunna. Hiasilah yourself with patience in obedience to her husband and many-many are beristigfar because istigfar could undermine the small sins that we do not realize.
And also there is a practice that trivial but often forgotten is bershodaqoh (alms). Bershodaqohlah in a state of the field and narrow because the Messenger of Allaah upon yours respectfully never menuntunkan a practice that can save women from adzab hell.


When he finished the feast sermon containing the command to be cautious to Allaah and advice to obey Him. He got up went to the women, he advised them and remind them about the afterlife and then he said, "Bershadaqahlah you! Since most of you guys are the firewood of hell! "And there stood a woman sitting among other women who turned blackish cheeks, he also asked," Why so, O Messenger of Allah? "He replied," Because you guys complain a lot and you kufr against husband! "(Narrated by Bukhari)
Bershadaqahlah! Because charity is one way to save you from hell adzab. May Allaah save us from adzabnya.



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