31 March 2011


Assalamu'alaikum wr wb,
This verse is very interesting for me lately,
Al Maa'idah 54. O ye who believe, whoever among you is an apostate from his religion, then soon Allah will bring a people whom God loves them and they love Him, who being gentle toward those who believe, the tough against the infidels

many people interpret "hard" a translation "Izzah" of the verse. so is it true? many other options such as word translation strict, firm, coherent to the word. arti2 this in the analysis refers to a single word that is "tough". because there was no one who meant to say "hard" in the form of abuse (violence / crime.) bertahun2 I believe the meaning of "firm" is to be grumpy and irritable, it is expressly understood my reply. fully not too many in our society interpret blame firmly.

a client, he opened my mind about the meaning of "tough". he says "Project Manager Mr A was his marah2 continue, ngamuk2". I asked "if Mr. B emangnya before he was like marah2 not you think so?". he said "the person EXPRESSLY Mr. B!". I asked "wahhhh ... meaning the more hotheaded Mr. B's yah?" said he was "not, Mr B do not ever let alone mad rage, she orgnya wise and give us a solution" ... in my mind "upsss! so far I misunderstand the meaning of it. " true not you think that my client was told dg I understand all this? because actually after my org yg pikir2 many emotional, hot-tempered, it is not expressly distinguished org. person-plintut plintat, now say Look, another later, depending on the circumstances and whether or not he's profitable. of this I got a new meaning is firmly principled!

than I Ngalor ngidul, mending we see from the perspective of Islam ... apasih firm who referred? whether the hardware version, marah2, or interpreted not least from fellow Islamic activists do "mengkafir2kan non-Muslims" .... yes I know, who reject Islam are infidels status, but never mind we are accused or their blasphemy. because the Prophet was Setau I do not ever say another org infidel or heretic once did (read my previous article "The Messenger who never blasphemous.") I had been chewed out when I was Rohis in high school, I was chewed out because it teaches physics at a few friends and in it there is org2 non-Muslims. My friend said "they are infidels! taught you yourselves do not deserve them! "even some Muslims simply antipathy towards non-Muslims and even non-Muslims were still relatives (especially parents).

Al 'Ankabuut 8. And We have enjoined man (do) good to two of their parents. And if they strive to make me with something that is not knowledge, then do not follow them.

Luqman 15. And if they strive to make with me something that is not knowledge, then do not follow them, and pergaulilah both in the world with good, and follow the path of people who return to Me, and then only to return unto me, then you Kuberitakan what you do.
even the Quran teaches still do good to parents of non-Muslims who
let me quote from an Islamic referensi2, on the treatment of non-Muslim Prophet ... of course under normal conditions, not a state of self-defense or war.

At-Tauba 6 "And if one of the idolaters seek protection to you, then protect it so that he could hear the word of God, then he antarkanlah a safe place for him. So it caused them a people who do not know. "
Imam Bukhari narrated from Abdullah bin Amri from the Prophet sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam, "Whoever mua'hid kill infidels, then he will not smell the smell of heaven, but heaven scent can be smelled from a distance of 40-year journey.".

Imam Tirmidhi narrated from Abu Hurairah, the Prophet sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam, "Look, whoever mua'hid kill infidels, then he got a rebuke of God and His Apostle. Indeed, I take refuge from the taunts of God and he will not smell heaven, but heaven scent can be smelled from a distance of 40 years of travel. "

Imam Bayhaqi issued a hadith from Abd al-Bilmani, "Rasulullah sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam had killed a Muslim who kills infidels mua'hid. Then he said, 'I have glorified the blood of people who seek refuge. "
mua'hid = org kafir infidels who live in countries which have agreements with Islamic daulahkafir kafir dhimmi = org who live under Islamic daulah

Prophet said, "He who acts unjustly against a security agreement that is bound by kamum Muslims or reduce its rights or the burden of more than ability or taking something from him without ridlonya, it was I who would be opposed to the unjust it later in the day of Judgement." (Narrated by Abu Dawud and Bayhaqi).

His saying again, "He who disrupt a dzimmiyyun he really has bothered me, and anyone who really bothers me he has hurt God." (Narrated by Tabrani).
Prophet once said: "Whoever kills a Mu'ahad (ie a bound agreement with the Muslims) will not smell the fragrance of paradise, while the scent can be smelled from a distance of forty-year journey (Narrated by Ahmad and Bukhari).
Ever exposed to Ali ra was also a Muslim who killed a dhimmi. When proven wrong, Ali ordered that he be killed. However, before it was done, came the family of the victim andsaid: "I forgive him." Ali asked him: "Do-do there are people who have been threatened or mempertakutimu?" "No," the man said, "But I think the killing of the killer will not cause my brother was alive again. Give me the ransom, I am fully willing. "Ali said:" You know better. Whoever Dzimma trikat with us, then the blood of his blood just like us (the Muslims) and Diyat (redemption price) such as diyat us, "(HR Thabrani and Bayhaqi).

property is also protected ....
Omar messages to Abu Ubaidah is: "Prevent the Muslims of acting unjustly against them (ie Ahlu dhimma), disturb or take their possessions except in ways that menghalalkannya."
from here is clear, which indicated no significant firmness of violence, but about the things of principles, such as org does not follow other religious events, do not congratulate the religious events of other religions, do not follow the events which led in prayer with other religious ways , refused hal2 distinguished example of Allah are forbidden to eat pork, drink alcohol, commit adultery, or dare to ask for a break for prayer during meetings ff ff ff.

then why tenderly toward fellow Muslims? means "berbaik2" ....
Al Hujuraat 10. Believers were actually brothers. Therefore make peace (fix links) between the two brothers, and fear of God, that ye may receive mercy.

Ibn `Umar narrated Hadith.: The Messenger of Allah. He said: A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim, he should not be menzaliminya and menghinakannya. He who helps the purposes of his brother, Allah will fulfill the need. Any person who paved the distress of a Muslim, Allah will relieve a hardship of distress-distress Day of Judgement. And he who covered the disgrace of a Muslim, Allah will cover her shame on the Day of Judgement (Muslim)
in fact fellow Muslims are brothers, and must protect. not point to one another mutual KAFIRs! Astray! Heretical!

"From Abu Hurairah ra. from the Prophet., he said: "Verily the religion a person is not easy and will greatly strengthen the faith unless he beat him, then apply pertengahanlah, closer am left, give khabar excited and ask for help in the morning, afternoon and a little bit at the end of the night." (HR: Bukhari)

"From Anas ra. From the Prophet., He said: "Mudahkanlah and do not make it, give glad news and do not create news that makes people run away." (HR: Bukhari)
the point here, we facilitate our getting to know the Islamic brothers, cherish every imaginable improvement, if you had not pray, then pray, help him, do not dikatai2 infidel, if people have already made dikata2i and discouraged from the beginning, how he wants to develop? how he wants to explore Islam? bisa2 us cause he was not willing to recognize Islam let alone be a renegade ... naudzubillahi dzalik min. dg org if non-Muslims, they have distinguished infidels and polytheists, it is normal that we have fundamental differences distinguished it. we must know the limits interaction with them. but if sama2 Muslim? yes help each other and remind each other alone .... heartened and understanding of the oversight brother.
because basically we put Islam does not teach yourself to go to heaven.
At Tahrim 6. O ye who believe, guard yourselves and your families from hell fire fuel is men and stones

Anas bin Malik.: That an Arab Bedouin asked the Messenger of Allah.: When is doomsday arrived? Messenger of Allah. He said: What have you prepared to deal with it? The man replied: Love of Allah and His Messenger. Messenger of Allah. You people will be with someone you love (Muslim)
apologize if there is salah2 words, the truth belongs to Allah SWT.
Sorry for my knowledge of poverty, may be useful.Thank you.
yours respectfully

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