28 April 2011

Enough is Allah alone who judge...


"The devil will be superior to humans if successful bring up any of the three properties. Adoration (ujub) to himself, his own preferred charity, and forgetfulness of the sins committed." (Fudhail bin Iyadh)

Maybe we feel has carved and decorate our charity as well as possible to Allah SWT. Sincere, clean, no tendencies. But brother, be careful. "How many lanterns of the dead were blown angin.Berapa many acts of worship that were damaged by the perpetrators themselves .." counsel Mohammad Al-Ahmad Rashid in waiq

Advice Sofyan Thaury rahimahullah which reminds us about this, "If you do not ujub with yourself, you may be happy with people who praise you and may also pleased with the compliment when people memuliakanmu with amalmu. They look at you and you have noble place in their own hearts ..

Org can rarely survived the shooting syaithan this. Therefore, Fudhail bin Iyadh memp. views on this issue, "the real signs of hypocrisy is that if someone likes praise what is not in him, then he hates people who do not like him then he hates those who know the shame-shame."

Suffice hny God who knows and knows that we do good deeds. Someone just bs, got a hundred of men but in fact he did not have any value in the sight of Allah. And vice versa.

.. My brother, both ends meet only the most right to judge God and see our charity...

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