10 January 2011

It Always Between You and God

Wisdom of our beloved friend ...
Are you ever confused by what you do?
You have done well but others do not respond well.
Just like the stories of parents, children and donkeys.
So whatever you do there must be an ugly comment.
With these conditions of course make you uncomfortable.
Feeling completely wrong and end up feeling the Bodo.

Friend who loved God's Wisdom ...
That is the importance of sincerity.
Ikhlas is doing charity, both words and deeds ...
directed to God alone.
Ikhlas means you do not call anyone ...
besides Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala to be a witness to the deeds.

Ikhlas become really very important
which will make this life a wonderful, mild, and meaningful.

Ikhlas will make people become independent and free.
Not chained up hope of praise and appreciation.
No fear of the taunts and insults.

Ikhlas is the fruit of deep faith.
Convinced of the TRUTH that is being passed.
Based on the HINT God and expect Him KERIDHOAN


Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says:
"Except those who repent and make repairs and
hold fast to the (religion) of Allah and
sincere (do) their religion because of God.
And they are together the believers
and someday God will give
people who believe a great reward. "
(Surah An-Nisa [4]: 146).

Of this there are the words of Mother Theressa can we take it as Wisdom:


It Always Between You and God


If you are good ...
People will probably accuse you of selfish motives hide.
Even so, remain to be nice.

If you are honest and frank ...
People may be tricked.
Even so, it could still do an honest and forthright manner.

If you are successful ...
Maybe you'll get false friends and true enemies.
Even so, it could still succeed.

What do you get up over the years ...
May be destroyed by someone in one night.
Even so, keep building.

If you find serenity and happiness,
People may be jealousy and envy.
Even so, remain happy and find peace of mind.

The good you do today ...
It may be forgotten the next day.
Even so, keep doing good.

Give yours the best in the world ...
And maybe it will never be enough.
Even so, it could still give to the world of yours the best.

Know ...
In the end ...
All this is a problem ... 

Between you with your Lord.
Not between you with them. 

Wallahu a'lam bishshowab

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