03 October 2010


Smile! Because a smile is a prayer, when we are always grateful for the sustenance that we earn. Any food that we get comes from God who has set and manage all of sustenance for His servants and we accept it gladly full of joy even if it receives a small fortune. So God will add provision for His servants are grateful. That is why for anyone who is always grateful for the work, activities, trying, learning, strive for a living means that he has opened the door of God's sustenance from an unexpected direction and we did not expect.

A smile is shodaqoh, when able to foster happiness for others, able to build a rope gathering. smile sincerity we become a bridge connecting and tighten the knot Hospitality, Hospitality is able to bring good fortune, as in the word of Allaah be upon him Prophet Muhammad Wa salam.

'Anyone who wants brought sustenance and extended its age then sambunglah rope Hospitality (Narrated by Bukhari & Muslim).

Smile! Life is full of smiles, joy, excitement, optimism and happiness preferably rizki God and open doors for us, without us think and we expect him,

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