05 September 2010

As a result of Selfishness

If you want to know human nature, look at the behavior of motorists in the streets, all vying to precede the other, very few who deliberately conceded to give opportunity to others. Merahpun lights are often ignored if the driver appears to be no police there. What was the result of selfish behavior?

The result was a traffic jam that cause suffering to many. Indeed in the system of life, for the welfare of living together is required sacrifice from certain parties. For perkawinanpun party apparently there must be a chicken or a goat was sacrificed, there is a chef who had not slept since yesterday, there is a committee that worked hard, and so on. Our country stands partly thanks to the sacrifices of the heroes of the nation.

If no one is willing to sacrifice herself pihakpun then jammed into a living system, will turn into kesumpekan comfort. In religion, the willingness to sacrifice for others is called itsar priority. Giving priority to other people despite themselves in difficult circumstances is the culmination of virtue. The virtue of this, as it is called al-Qur'an, exemplified by the inhabitants of the city of Yathrib (Ansor friends) towards refugees (Muhajirin) from Makkah, Madinah that although people living in trouble (though kana bihim khashashah), but they give priority to helping refugees came from Makkah (Muhajirin). With the spirit that's ultimately itsar two communities, namely Ansor and Muhajirin, under the guidance of the Apostle successfully acted as the main pillars of building a civil society, and the city of Yathrib was renamed Medina al Munawwarah (high cultured society of the enlightened).

Willingness to sacrifice for the common welfare is indeed a characteristic of high cultured society. Multi-dimensional crisis that occurred in our country is partly due to strong and weak itsar egoism. Political power all out to maintain its position while pressing down the opportunity of political aspirations opponent, big businessmen exploit all economic opportunities out to the edge while pressing the small economic opportunities, the bureaucrats, it focuses on personal interst, closing the eyes of the disaster that struck the nation, all exactly like the behavior of motorists and traffic on the streets.

The peak of selfishness that is causing the present life is like a traffic jam, jam the political, economic loss and loss of culture. All complained about drugs, but all helpless to do anything, all television broadcasts complained about a very vulgar pornography, but as there's no way to stop it, all complaining about the national pride being trampled, but everything just stopped in to complain, even all complained about the national leadership, but all stuck in a political impasse.

To avoid congestion, have opened many alternative roads, traffic signs should be placed in strategic places and their effectiveness must be guaranteed by law. So also in life in general. Catharsis window must be open, fair system must be running, and bias to the weak must be embedded in sistem.Untuk lead to it there must be certain parties that must be prepared to make sacrifices. If they do not want to sacrifice, do not expect the crisis will end this nation. Wallohu a `night.

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  1. memang balas dendam harus di buang sehingga tidak ada rasa yang selalu mengganjal di hati....