05 September 2010

Throw out your revenge!

When we are hurt by those we usually want to repay those who hurt us. Our hearts are littered with revenge lust. Our hearts often speaks in his own words, 'You are causing me like this! I will reply to your deeds! I will destroy you! Allaah reminded how noble people who can forgive.

'And for people who, when they were treated with dzalim they defended themselves. And replies of a similar crime it is he who forgives and then the reward for doing good God. Verily He loveth not those who do dzalim. (Surat ash-Syuura: 39-40).

When you are hurt by people you love or someone else then you are among those given by God's grace because the person who abused actually tested at the same time given a great reward by Allah. It gives us a choice exams, first, we'll return to their deeds or we forgive him. If we are able to be patient and forgiving God bestow immense reward.

It's hard to forgive someone who has hurt us, but try to forgive, God willing, our hearts find satisfaction and happiness. Even God was pleased that we are turning to prayer mengijabah. 'Take care of you, do not persecute others because of the prayers of the oppressed there is no longer a barrier between himself and God. " (Narrated by Muslim).

When you're hurt by someone else or didzalimi then God opened the door to your wish come true prayer. So redeeming the opportunity to pray and ask God to be able to reach the glory and happiness in our lives.

So, Throw your revenge!

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