30 August 2010

10 Wills Shaykh Hasan al-Banna

1. Wake up and rise quickly to perform their prayers, after hearing adzan echoed, although in any circumstances. (Mean jama'a praying in the mosque).
2. Read, study and listen to Al-Qur'anul Kariim, dhikr of Allah and do not waste time with something useless.
3. Is surely meant to be and speak Arabic fluently. because it uses the Qur'an in Arabic.
4. Do not, and avoid a lot of debate in any conversation.
5. Do a lot of laughs. ahati are always communicating with God will always be peaceful and calm.
6. Do not joke too much
7. Do not listen to the voice, above the normal hearing
8. Avoid ghibah; speak ill of others, etc.
9. Was acquainted with all the people you meet, wherever we are.
10. Our work more than the time available. then make use of his time as efficiently as possible. and if a lot of work in order to simplify and be quick to complete.

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